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Earth's First Line of Defence

ANY threat. ANY location. Protecting humanity no matter how far it takes us.

2 January
  • Driffield School - Driffield, England - East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom (1977 - 1981)
  • University of York - York, England - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (1988 - 1993)

U.N.I.T. News Release
31 January 2006

BY ORDER OF Secretary of State for Defence, the Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP

Michael Edward Thomas Hearst, PhD, Major, 1st Bn, Light Infantry, Middlesbrough, on detached assignment to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, Station 3 (London), is hereby directed to assume command of that station, effective immediately.

Major Michael Edward Thomas Hearst was born in Driffield, Yorkshire, on 2 January 1971. He graduated in mathematics from the University of York in 1993 and subsequently undertook officer training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He joined the 2nd Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment (19th Regiment of Foot) in the spring of 1994. Major Hearst was to serve continuously with the Battalion until late in 1998, having commanded several rifle platoons, the Mortar Platoon, been Battalion Intelligence Officer and finally as the Adjutant during the Battalion’s tour of duty in Bosnia.

Major Hearst completed the Army Staff Course at Shrivenham in 1998 and the Army Command and Staff Course at Camberley in 1999. In 2000 Major Hearst returned to the University of York, spending the next two years completing his research degree before being awarded his PhD in advanced physics. He returned to the Green Howards in 2003 and was assigned as Chief of Staff, 1st Bn, Light Infantry, Middlesbrough, but this posting was cut short upon Major Hearst’s recruitment into the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce in 2004. Due to his specialized training, he was transferred to the position of U.N.I.T.’s Scientific Advisory Council, Station 3 (London), becoming Chairman of the council late in that year, a position he retained in addition to his promotion to Adjutant of Station 3, a position he held until taking up his present post.

Major Hearst succeeds Major Richard Blake as Commander of Station 3, after Major Blake gave his life in the defense of his country during the Sycorax Incident on 25 December 2005.

Major Michael Hearst is unmarried. His hobbies include reading, travel, and political studies.

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Unlike my other "Doctor Who" character journal nth_master, in this case I did create the character of Major Hearst, as well as the characters of James Willham, Leftenant Carolyn Tate, Colonel Drew Stafford, and Dr. Jamie Southway. I did NOT create the concept surrounding these characters (the "Who"-niverse and all the characters within it). The BBC and the creators/writers of "Doctor Who" did that, and the use of the images, names, situations, etc., that are not of my invention do NOT show any intention on my part to infringe on those ownership rights. If anyone out there with any legal claim to these rights takes issue, please contact me and I'll be happy to work out an arrangement.

One other note - I am NOT associated with the Royal Army in any way, and they have neither endorsed nor been granted permission for my use of such institutions as the 2nd Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment (19th Regiment of Foot), Sandhurst, etc. These places are identical in name only, and are otherwise fictional counterparts to their "real-life" progenitors.